Vintage glass beads on a contemporary day
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue- this is a catchphrase often spoken by nearly a bride. I guess this is a good thought since you have to utilize almost everything. Yet, one thing that is quite interesting in the slogan is something old. Would you want something old for yourself?

Oftentimes, we seek anything modern, updated and new in the market. Obviously, we wanted to be in the trend for the latest thing. We wanted to look, feel and possess anything fashionable. But did you know that these days one of the craze is having something vintage as an accessory and a decoration?

We find some antiques in a modern house or even an old fashion style on some folks but even frills used by people in the past are widely used by modern individuals. Jewelries nowadays can attest to that and one trinket that is so elegant even from the past until these present times is a jewelry made of glass beads. Glass beads can be traced back in the past often used to create beautiful and colorful ornaments.

Recently, these glass beads are in a variety of colors and forms for a wider selection. One can either acquire a ready made necklace or bracelet made of top quality glass beads from a local shop and even online or buy some glass beads supplies for making your own personalized set of glass bead frills. These classic beads have become a modern accent to many women.

Even in contemporary days, something timeless like glass beads can be a new fad. You can match a cute shirt and a funky set of short pants with some multicolored glass bead bracelets and a complementary necklace and head to an outdoor party. People will definitely make second glances on how chic you look that day.


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