Monday, July 26, 2010
Women are unique beings in this world. No two women are the same in any aspect including physical appearance and preference. Even twins have a slight difference in their personalities and physical look. Therefore, every woman also deserves something exceptional and elegant as she is. What more can you give to a woman than a bead jewelry worth her uniqueness and grace.

Beads are like women. They come in the same general look and purpose but every detail is not exactly alike. Not a single bead is exactly the same as the other hence, the more elegant and valuable they are. For such a unique person is also a unique gift to give. Give a girlfriend, mother, wife, sister, friend or even some girl special like a bead jewelry to make her feel special. It can either have a single bead pendant or a fully covered beaded bracelet.

Glass beads jewelries are one of the most popular gifts to give a woman. These are crystals of many beautiful colors worthy of anyone’s praise. It is one-of-a-kind and has a priceless beauty. If you give a special woman in your life glass bead jewelry, she will feel like the most special person in the world to deserve such lovely gift.

There are many types of glass bead jewelry and many kinds of glass beads to use. If you are a bead maker yourself, try producing matchless designs only for a special woman. If not, there are many glass beads jewelry available in jewelry stores to choose from. You can even ask a bead maker friend to create a beautiful glass bead jewelry just for that special woman.

Make any woman be reminded of how special they are in this world through glass bead jewelry.
Friday, July 23, 2010

We have expressed time and again that when it comes to jewelry, you have endless options to choose from. There are gemstones, semi-precious stones, metal and more. Depending on the style and design you create, they can either look stunning and plain for you. But there’s one material that never goes out of style, will always look stunning and vibrant, without causing you an arm and a leg --- glass beads.

Glass jewelry offer certain shimmer and spark that further bring out its beauty and elegance. When worn to match an attire, they have the ability to make the wearer look stunning and more gorgeous than when not wearing one.

Here are some more reasons why it’s an advantage to have glass jewelry:

Though it is great to use real gemstones in jewelry making, with glass jewelry, you are nit limited by nature. You can go as eccentric and wild as your imagination wills it. With glass, you make make it look like anything you want. Glass jewelry is a lot more versatile and flexible which is why glass jewelry never go out of style.

Because glass can imitate real gemstones, they tend to become the more affordable alternative when one wants to seem like wearing expensive precious stones like diamonds, but is actually just wearing glass jewelry.

Glass jewelry is very versatile. They can be turned to bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories for your getup. As such, they can reflect any personality you may have. Glass jewelry can be wild, classic, whimsical, exciting.. Whatever you need it to look, it can do that for you.

So, if you need a piece of jewelry that’s stunning and gorgeous, but don’t want to break the bank acquiring one, glass jewelry is what you need. They never go out of style and can bring out your unique personality and flair in fashion.

Friday, July 16, 2010
Wearing an ID to school or to work is not really the type of fashion accessory you want for yourself. The clip on IDs on your blouse can really lessen the overall fashion style you put on that morning. That is because IDs are made of inexpensive laminated paper that has your picture and school details. You will be lucky if you have IDs at school that are made of sturdy glass covers to compensate on the paper they use for the IDs.

To accentuate the look of your IDs, have a beaded lanyard instead of a clip on. That way, the beautiful colors of your beaded lanyard will easily blend to your outfit making your IDs not a distraction but an addition.

You may choose to buy beaded lanyard in many accessory shops and even craft stores. You can also create your own. Although it requires creative works from you, making your own lanyard are more affordable and can offer you wider designs than the limited styles of an on-display beaded lanyard.

If you plan to make your own, just grab your bead making supplies, a few beads of your choice and a nice place to work. What you need to do first is to plan on your design. How would you like your beaded lanyard to look like? What beads to use? A great idea is to use glass beads for your lanyard. These come in different types, colors and sizes to choose from. Glass beads can also create that shimmer you always want for your accessories.

If you stick on glass beads, you can choose from many types. There are fire polished glass beads, Opaque glass beads, furnace glass beads and cat eyes glass beads. After choosing your design and materials, measure the length of your lanyard. You can also tell the quantity of materials you need when you have your lanyard measurement.

You can now buy your beaded lanyard materials so that you can start on your beaded lanyard. Remember, create a glass bead pattern that will look good on your every outfit to school. Your beaded lanyard needs to match your school outfit to have a more stylish look. If one cannot fit all your outfit, create more different beaded lanyards for yourself.
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Glass bead curtains are very popular in the earlier decades. The funky look of each glass bead curtain became a trend when everything else around is full of colors. Yet, these colorful curtains have been overshadowed by elegance and simplicity of modern designs. Hence, rare can you find these glass bead curtain as a great decoration inside every home.

However, glass bead curtains are more than just a funky window cover. It can be made into different decorations inside the house as of course a window cover, a divider and an added decoration. You can simply enhance the beauty of a glass bead curtain to more than just an addition to your windows.

Glass beads are great reflectors of light. When it comes to added lighting, we often think of more light bulbs or power generating electricity plug in. In other words, we should expect an increase in our electric bill. If you want to enhance lighting to your room, try using glass beads instead. That way, you can achieve added lighting, extra decoration and energy saving technique.

By using glass bead curtains, you can create a funky yet elegant design to your room. It does not need to be all crystals or full of colors. You can actually choose the different style of glass bead curtains according to their different color patterns and kind of glass beads used.

No more buying bulk furniture or perhaps try to built in huge room dividers. It may take up space and can be too costly. If you decide on a room divider, try using glass bead curtain instead. You can simply pass through these curtains if you need to and it can add color to your room. Moreover, it does not take up much space in your room.

Glass bead curtains can also become a great ornament to your existing curtains. Have a simple and inexpensive curtain on your windows, add the glass bead curtains and you can have a well-designed curtain in an instant. It cost less too compared to buying the readymade expensive curtains.

Exploring on the many other use of a simple house accessory such as a glass bead curtain can enhance more your overall house design as well as save you more cost in buying expensive decorations.
Monday, July 12, 2010
You might already know that beading is one of the top hobbies of many people today. It is so popular in fact that a lot of magazines are being published solely featuring everything about beading. Beading is not just a hobby and form of relaxation, but it can turn out to be a wonderful business as well.

There are many kinds of beading, two of which are seed beading and tapestry beading. With the latter, you can include many kinds of beads including glass beads to give your finished products various effects, shimmer, styles and designs. Glass beads can be bought in many bead and craft shops both online and offline. You will find that there are many options to choose from which will help you make the most unique and beautiful beaded creations you can think of.

When beading is incorporated in textile looms, a wide array of techniques is used to produce cloth. A bead loom equipment is used to make beautiful bead work, which is the most common equipment used by bead workers so they can easily make great masterpieces.

If you are interested in using bead looms, choose the rectangular one that has raised grooves and hooks. There are a lot of these things in the market and all you have to do is choose the best one. The wooden ones are more expensive than the other kinds but they are the ones that will last for a long time. Treat is as an investment an you will surely enjoy your bead work with the bead loom for a long, long time.

For beginners, start with an easy task. Use glass beads that are fairly bigger than most, like those in size 6 or 7. They’re easy to handle and you can still make wonderful designs. Just make sure that you get a needle that is smaller than the hole of your glass beads. This way, the needle can pass through each bead without a glitch.

Start practicing and don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs. You will find out that creating glass beads designs is fairly easier to do when you have a bead loom to assist you. The more you get used to the idea of a bead loom, the better you will be at producing wonderful styles. You can then incorporate these designs with your glass beads jewelry and eventually set up your own shop where you can showcase and sell your masterpieces. Start now!

Friday, July 9, 2010
Glass beads are great materials when creating some jewelry. Many necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made with elegant glass beads of many colors. The great thing about glass beads is its versatility to be formed in many shapes and sizes. You can make glass beads with many different colors like blue, green, pink and even a clear glass. You can even form these beads according to your desired shapes and designs like oval, triangles and even intricate shapes like flowers, stars and animal shapes.

The look of every glass bead seems too complicated to do. However, with the appropriate tools and the right knowledge, you will be able to create your own glass beads. In making these elegant beads, you need to have some wires, threads, needles, mandrels, torch, cutters, pliers, vermiculite, kiln wash, some shaping tools and of course different color for your glass beads.

There are many ways to create glass beads considering the many advance technology these days. But, the simplest and most popular technique in creating glass beads is lampworking. This is a very easy process and even you can do it. All you need to do is use a gas-fueled torch to melt glass rods. Then, wrap these hot glasses in a heated mandrel, which forms the base of the bead. Kiln process comes next after the bead is done. To make sure that the beads will not crack, annealing it will do the work.

There is no definite length of time in the lamp work method. It depends on how you do it right and the kind of glass beads you are working on. Once your beads are clean and smooth, they are ready to be made into gorgeous jewelries.

There are many different types of glass beads and each are created in different ways to give them their own distinction and unique beauty. All these offer you wider selection for your glass beads jewelries and can enhance every design you make out of these different glass beads.
Thursday, July 8, 2010
If this is the first time you’re delving into the art of making bead jewelry, how exciting it must be then for you! I remember the first time I learned to make my own creations and it felt so wonderful. After all these years, I still find beading very relaxing and fulfilling. I’m sure you will too.

The usual concern most beaders have when it comes to making bead jewelry is what kind of beads to use. While there are a variety of beads to choose from, it is important to know what your goals is. What is it that you plan to achieve with the bead jewelry you’re making? Would you want to create an elegant necklace to match a cocktail dress? Are you into casual bracelets good for everyday wear? Would you like to make some pairs of earrings that will highlight your face? Knowing what your end goal is will help you choose which beads to buy for your project.

In terms of getting the best of both worlds, glass beads are usually favored by beaders when making both formal and casual designs. Because of the way they spark, glass beads are beautiful enough to pass as real gemstones and are therefore nice to wear when wearing dresses and other more formal attires. Moreover, glass beads are affordable enough to be worn every day to match any of your casual getups. With the many colors and kinds glass beads have, you can create as many simple and casual designs as you like to match every daily outfit you have.
The following are the kinds of glass beads perfect for both formal and casual wear. Try them and see what kinds of designs you can come up with:

Fiberoptic Cats Eye Beads
This type has fantastic shapes and striking sheen and luster. Depending on how light passes through each of the fiberoptic cats eye beads, a beautiful shimmer is made when the shade changes from dark to light and back. This type of beads is not just perfect for bead jewelry but can also be used for other artsy projects like scrapbooking.

Furnace Glass Beads
This kind of beads is pretty special because it is hand-made by glass artists. It is also called cane glass because its usual patterns are same with candy canes. Furnace glass beads have exciting shapes, colors and sizes. You will definitely have fun using them for your bead jewelry project.

Mixed Glass Beads
For The Love of Beads has a variety of glass beads. From Indian Fancy beads, to Chinese Opaque beads, to the popular Czech Glass beads. They also have light-flickering foil lined beads plus two-tone "AB" beads, matte flower beads as well as painted pieces. They will surely make all your bead jewelry creations look like they’re done by professionals. With the use of mixed glass beads, you can even start a small business and sell your wonderful creations.

With these varieties to choose from, you will continuously be inspired to make as many designs as you can think of. Thanks to the popularity of glass beads, you will never run out of options to use. Enjoy your bead jewelry project and keep on beading!

Friday, July 2, 2010
Glass is known to be a great reflector of light. Once light touches the surface of a glass bead, it tends to bounce and scatter across the area. That is why things that are made of glass look so bright and crystal like.

If you want added lighting to your room or to a particular area in your house, why using glass beads instead? It not only provides bright and scattered lighting, but also an alternative way to save some cost in electricity.

To achieve this, you may want to create something functional and stylish for more benefits. One good example is a glass chandelier. We all know that chandeliers are elegant addition to our house. It is sometimes the first thing that our guests set their eyes into. The main function of a chandelier is to provide light in an elegant way. It consists mostly of many bulbs for enhanced lighting around the room.

However, more bulbs in use mean more electricity cost piling up. To save energy, why not try to design a chandelier designed mostly with glass beads to allow the light to scatter around. This way, all you need is a single bulb and some glass beads supply to achieve your glass beads chandelier. Actually, there are a few chandeliers sold these days designed with glass beads. Since, you would rather save costs effectively, a DIY project will somehow help you attain your goal.

Another example is glass-beaded curtains. This is common to rooms with a lot of fashion sense. In addition, this is quite popular and mostly seen in a girl’s room. Anyway, a glass-beaded curtain is a string of glass beads arranged and combined in a long line to form a curtain like appearance. This is another good ornament to a room full of wild colors and unique design. Furthermore, it serves as a good curtain design to the window and a stylish divider of particular areas in the room. But, it also has that reflector ability to scatter lights around the room and giving it more lighting.

There are many ideas on how to enhance your lighting but do it in a more affordable way. By trying to learn how to utilize natural reflectors such as glass beads, you can come up with creative and functional ideas on how to reach your purpose.