Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Glass beads are unique beads that have captured the fervor and loyalty of many bead makers. Their shimmer effect combined with their sleek surface creates an extraordinary beauty beyond compare. Hence, most of the beaded jewelries produced by crafters are made of glass beads or with a mix of these fine beads.

Starting on a new project with glass beads, it is sometimes an uncertainty as to what colors to use for the project. Expert beaders may find these easy due to much experience with glass beads. However, for the newbie in bead making, glass bead colors adds beauty and option for your project and not a pressure for you to choose the perfect color. To work in a breeze with these glass bead colors, you must keep in mind a few tips.

Glass bead color comes in variety of tint such as the pink, blue, red, green and black. Further, these colors have different color intensity. Although this can seem confusing, remember to enjoy your work always.
Try playing with different color patterns and color combination. You can arrange the blue colored glass beads according to its intensity and make it a pattern for your necklace. Alternatively, you can have five different dark colors and create a pattern out of this.In addition, when choosing the appropriate colors for your glass bead supply, visualize first what you want for a design in your project. By imagining the overall look of your finished project, you can clearly see the different colors associating your design. Then, you can simply choose the color of your glass beads.

But, you must also bear in mind that your design is what limits your choice. Although this can be a great pattern in choosing your glass bead colors, it is just simply to lead you to an organized project making. You can always do a few changes in your design when you see another great glass bead color you desire.

The only thing you must always consider when doing your glass bead jewelry of any other beaded jewelry is have fun. Bead making is not a stressful activity nor is it strict and always by the rules. It is fun, spontaneous activity that lets you run your creative minds and create a boundless masterpiece of genuine art. You may feel a little lost or doing it wrong, but you can always go back and do it again, no added pressure.
Monday, June 28, 2010
Glass beads are gorgeous, versatile and can be used for a variety of craft projects. One of the best glass beads for jewelry making tend to use patterns that are unique, easy to create, and beautiful to wear. Getting involved with a project like beading jewelry can open up one’s creativity, to accessorize an apparel and for the home as well, like creating curtains and other fashionable clothes embellishments.

Beading Jewelry

Creating beautiful pieces of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories is usually the most common use for glass beads. They are inexpensive and with a little bit of practice, very easy to do.

Beaded Curtains or Lamp Hangings

Like what was mentioned, glass beads can be used for embellishing and creating other beautiful things. Two of the things you can do with glass beads are beaded curtains and lamp hangings. Any ordinary piece of fabric can look more vibrant and exciting by adding these colorful glass beads. A once boring-looking curtain will now become a work of art and can become a subject of conversation when you have guests at home. Like making beaded jewelry, beading your curtains and lamp hangings are also fairly easy to do.

Beading Fashion

If your needing a new look or new sets of clothes but you don’t want to break the bank by buying new ones, you can embellish your blouses, dresses, skirts and pants with glass beads instead! You will instantly look fabulous and the clothes you’re wearing will automatically look brand new. Even top fashion designers are doing this so why can’t you? You can always look for exciting patterns online and with a little sewing knowledge; you’re off to a brand new you. There is nothing more beautiful than being uniquely you. And glass beads can definitely help you in that department.
When we speak of something ancient and old, we often do not give full attention to it (well, except for antique enthusiasts and history aficionado) We sometimes think that what is more valuable are those that provide full function and design in our modern and advanced lives. Hence, whatever is in the past is buried in the past.

However, did you know that the ancient and old things you might ignore have great value to people in the past using them? Let us take for example ancient glass beads. When speaking of ancient glass beads, we just say, those are just regular glass beads. However, in the past, these mere things these days are worth so much that even a life is equivalent to its value.Glassmaking originated in the Palestine area but was developed in Egypt. These people considered glassmaking as a magical invention. They devote their time and effort in creating and enhancing these special things. In early Egypt, slaves are tortured and being suffered to work. These slaves endured work in Egypt like glassmaking and they even shed blood on it.Eventually, different colors and kinds of glass beads were created and used as a good material for furniture and architectures. Later, these ancient glass beads were formed into colorful and valuable jewelries that are used for trading. A single life of an African slave is equivalent to a few shiny glass beads. These were also used by the Americans to entice and gain the trust of the indigenous people they found in their explorations.

Many years have passed and these ancient glass beads scattered all over the world. Hence, the value of such beads increases as these typically belongs to some of the old rich in the world. As the world approaches the modern technology era and many devices and tools were invented to produce imitations and artificial things, beads in many forms become numerous and thus even ordinary people can now own and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful ancient glass bead.

Looking back, we can see how people have valued these ancient glass beads. Many lives were at risk in its origin and production. With just a single ancient glass bead, we can see lives suffering to produce these and lives that were sold to own these. A bead lost these days may only worth a few pennies and can easily be replaced in an instant, but a single ancient glass bead in the past is worth a single life and a symbol of slavery and bloodshed hard work and suffering.
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Do you own a piece of Roman glass jewelry? Do you know how to take care of it or are you just letting it sit there on your jewelry box? For those who are interested to find out how to better care for your Roman glass jewelry, you’ve come to the right spot.

What is Roman Glass?

This is characterized by the luminous colors which you can see within the glass with your naked eye. Most common colors are purples, aqua, blues, and pinks. It was first created in the first centuries during the Roman Empire, when glass-making techniques were revolutionized by the introduction of glass blowing. The glass created before had bluish-aqua tint to it and was used mainly for bowls and vessels in all shapes and sizes.

Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

If you happen to own a piece, like in a form of cufflinks, or a historic-glass-on-a-chain, or a pair of stunning earrings, here are a few crucial guidelines to caring for your Jewelry:

  • Do not get it wet with water. Always remove any jewelry before you take a shower.
  • No swimming with jewelry on
  • Don’t let it come in contact with any kind of hair and body spray as well as perfume.
  • Don’t lket it come in contact with lotion and cream.
  • Don’t touch it as much as possible.

If you're wondering what’s all this fuss about, the simple answer would be: to keep your Roman glass jewelry shining and glistening for the next 2000 years.

Like we said before, the glass – which is made up of organic matter - continues to react with its environment. Just as other elements affect the glass in the past, they may still continue to do so in the present. When cleaning your jewelry, just polish the gold and silver parts with a clean cloth and avoid the glass. The best thing to do is to give the jewel to a specialized jeweler and have him clean it for you.

To sum it all up, the best way to take care of your Roman glass jewelry is to always handle it with care, because believe it or not, you're handling a piece of ancient history.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Your watch may be one of the most important accessories you may have now. It is very useful in telling time even when you are out on the streets and can even be a cool frill in your wrist. But, you can boost your watch fa├žade by changing your watchbands with some string glass beads. It will not only make your wrist trendy looking with different colors but also sparkle with glass beads.

Watches often come with simple and classic bands. Some even are limited to plain colors of white, black, green, blue and red. But, these days, a fashionable look is a lot famous compared to plain ones and a wider selection of different colors are usually sought after by many people than ones with limited choices.

In stores lately, one may notice some watch band designs having a mix of more than three colors. Few of these watch bands are made of rubber and others are even made of other materials aside from pure gold, silver and leather. There are already many different designs and materials used in making watch bands.

Like many accessories, a watch can also be flexible in terms of its function. You can transform your watch into a bracelet you can use as a frill in your wrist and with any outfit you wear by making your watchband into a glass beaded watchband.

To have this kind of jewelry, you can either buy a customized watch or create your own watchband. In order to make your own watchband, you need to have some glass beads of different and your desired colors, a watch face, some jewelry wires, other desired materials for your watchband and your bead making supplies. You may have the option to have bigger glass beads or smaller glass beads, as well as the choice whether you will mix them with other kinds of beads or purely made of glass beads.

Before starting on your glass beaded watchbands, think first of a cool design and finalize it. Make sure that you have all the materials to make your work continuous. After you have all the materials and the design, you can start on your beaded watchband. It is similar to making your beaded bracelets or jewelries. Just make some glass bead strings and attach your finished glass beads strings to your watch face. If the strings are now attached to the watch face, make sure to have a clasp to be able to open or close your watchband when wanting to use it.

Creating your own accessories in many different designs and methods is very fun and fulfilling especially if done by yourself. You can simply have it the way you want it to be, save cost from buying a ready made one and be proud of how creative you can be.
Are you starting a glass beads jewelry making project but you’re not too decided which of the colors to choose? It can be quite overwhelming because of the many choices you have. The colors are so varied you will sometimes feel like just getting them all. But take note that even with just a few of the basic beading colors, you can already make magnificent pieces.

Begin with the end in mind.

For beginners, it's easy to get lost in the details of beading. You have to know how to take a step back when picking up the colors for your jewelry project. Consider the emotions that you would like to convey, and the clothes you want to match them up with. If you are looking to make an elegant and classy impression, choose the rich, dark, and warm colors of glass beads for additional impact. If you’d like to convey a more playful spirit, consider more bright colors to let your personality shine through.

Let bead patterns become your guide.

Patterns are there to help you in your jewelry bead making project. But be flexible enough to follow your instinct should the pattern prove to be boring for you. Patterns are just there to help you out and show you the way. They are not exactly rules that you have to strictly follow.

You can always turn back the clock on color.

One of the best things when it comes to making your own glass beads jewelry is that you can never go wrong. Whatever colors and shapes and designs you make, they will always come out creative and beautiful. You can always correct a style when you’re not feeling happy with it, until you achieve that piece of design you feel happy with. Always trust your judgment and enjoy the process.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
On another blog post, I have shared with you general details about making jewelry using glass beads.On this particular post, I shall go into a bit more detail.

Allow me to say first that making jewelry using glass beads brings out the creativity in anyone interested in this hobby or craft. Beads in general are celebrated in art communities worldwide and some pieces are highly treasured by collectors. So before you start your amazing artful journey into the world of jewelry glass beading, you have to first learn the essential beading supplies you will need:


Sodium lime is usually the choice of bead makers. It melts a lot quicker than any other type of raw material, does not need the extreme kind of heat that hard glass needs, and it has a bigger color palette. When choosing which kind of glass to buy, always use one kind. You cannot combine the two (hard and soft) because these two raw materials are not compatible with each other. They will just crack when mixed together.


I suggest that you get the Hot Head Torch. Although there are other kinds out there, this particular type is an excellent choice for any soft glass bead maker. It only costs less than $50, it burns at a temperature perfect for melting the soft glass, and can do without oxygen unlike other bench burners.

Bead Release and Mandrels

In making glass beads, a thin, steel pipe called mandrel is used in the middle where the glass is wound around it. This helps form the shape of the beads, allowing it to have the necessary hole in the middle, while bead release is the one that covers a part of the pipe so you can easily take out the beads when done.

MAPP Gas of Propylene

Use this gas to make your Hot Head Torch work. It is placed in a small bottle that you can screw to your torch. You can usually find this kind of gas at a supplier of lampwork glass beads, hardware store or welding shop.

Annealer or Vermiculite

The glass is heated for a certain period of time. Afterward, it has to go back to room temperature to avoid cracking later on. Using an annealer or kiln can best accomplish this task since it can hold extreme temperatures and control the anneal cycle, making the final product come out intact. If an annealer is too expensive for you, you can use vermiculite in the mean time. With vermiculite, you can put your work inside then just retrieve it after about 8 hours.

Didymium Glasses

These is the pair of glasses you wear to protect your eyes from the sodium glare brought about by heated glass.

Ventilation System

Make sure you work in an area that is properly ventilated to remove fumes which are harmful to your health.

Monday, June 21, 2010
Glass beads have always been used when making jewelry pieces for so many centuries. These pieces include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Even today, glass beads are typically used for making jewelry as well as decorative ornaments. They are made of various materials, both contemporary and indigenous, like metal, plastic, terracotta wood, stone, ceramic fiber, ivory, shell, bones, glass, coral, and gemstones. However, the ones mostly used for styling crafts are glass beads because with them, one can make different shapes such as oval, round, cylindrical, heart, square, tube, teardrop, and diamond. They can also be made into different colors like blue, green, yellow, red, pink, brown, violet… practically all colors of the rainbow!

The materials and equipment used in making glass beads vary depending on the design. You would have to use any of these tools in order to create the kind of glass beads that you want:

· Wires

· Threads

· Needles

· Soft glass

· Matches

· Kiln wash

· Vermiculite

· Mandrels

· Torch

· Cutters

· Pliers

· Shaping tools

· Glass beads

For your glass beads, either cats eyes beads, furnace glass beads and mixed glass beads. They are popular, do not cost much and come in various shapes, color and sizes.

You can also use fire polished beads made in Czech Republic. They, too, are popular when it comes to making crafts and accessories because of their durability and beautiful designs. They are made by heating them until they melt which gives them that smooth, bright and shiny look. They give any jewelry a unique and fabulous touch without costing a lot.

Glass beads are always perfect for creating that unique piece of craft whether it is jewelry, an accessory, an additional design for clothing, etc. With the number of variety available in the market, you will not run out of ideas and materials to choose from. Bring out the flair in you by creating your own glass beads.

Thursday, June 17, 2010
When we think of crafting beaded accessories, the first things that come to mind are necklaces and bracelets. But actually, beaded earrings are the easiest to do. Many people can along fine without wearing bracelets and necklaces, but if they go without earrings, they tend to feel naked.

The thing is, when we think of earrings, we think of those expensive ones made of silver, gold and diamonds. But the truth is, you can create your own fancy-looking pair using your own glass beads supplies. You can even combine it with other beaded materials and create a design that is uniquely you!

The truth is, earrings don’t need to be fancy in order to look good and presentable to the public. You can look elegant and posh even without spending tons of money to get that particular chic look. All you have to do is either buy a beautifully crafted beaded earring or make one yourself using your own glass beads supplies.

Did you know that American Indians used to create beaded earrings for their women as well as very intricate and elaborate designs for their beaded jewelry, intended for different purposes? These designs included dream catchers, which are ritual items they place on cradles and other sleeping areas to drive away nightmares and bad dreams. A common gemstone that they use for their earrings are turquoise beads, which gives strength of conviction and character to whoever is wearing them.

Today, we can see this dream catcher design turned to earrings for women and not just as an accessory inside the bedroom. Some of us have also carried on this practice of creating their own earrings from their own glass beads supplies. Beaded earrings, because of the variety of beads available in the market, are easily very colorful, chic and elegant, with a touch of that vintage charm. If you’re seeking for a new look and a new feel for your sense of fashion, creating earrings and other accessories with the use of glass beads supplies is definitely the way to go.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
In earlier days, limited variety of glass beads were produced in selected places around the world. People patronized these types of jewelry materials that as technology became more advanced, these glassmakers furthered their experiments in creating more variety of glass beads as well as heighten the features of each innovated kinds.A good example of such is a Fire polished glass beads. These are types of glass beads bearing unique features from other glass beads. Previous glass beads are prone to easy fracture and shatter hence, those people often wanting these glass beads may end up buying another one in such narrow time.

But, these issues have lead to the creation of a more durable type of glass beads, the fire polished glass beads. People then desired these types more than any other glass beads. The process of creating such strong materials makes it last longer years. As the name derives, it is because of extreme heat or the blazing fire that makes these beads smooth and polished in full colors. In addition, no substances were included that can be harmful to our bodies.

This attribute of the fire polished glass beads creates a continuing spark that even if years will make it old in age, it will still look as newly produced fire polished beads. Normally, we would see glass beads lessen their full colors and sheen in much use as jewelries or as materials for ornamentation. But, with the fire polished glass beads, you will be amazed on how it will retain its gleam and shade in many of your generations in the future.
The rosary beads serve to be one of those ancient symbols and tools of Christianity. It was first made during the twelfth century when the blessed Virgin Mary was said to appear to Saint Dominic and made a promise that if Saint Dominic will spread the rosary’s devotions to people, peace would be found.

When the rosary was first made, it contained 150 glass beads, which serve as a mirror to the set of psalms that the Bible contains. Anybody who doesn’t have regular access to this set of Psalms can just move along the string of rosary glass beads and pray. This benefits the blind and those people who have no means of learning how to read.

However, it should be noted that rosary beads were not always strung together. It used to be just stones kept in one’s pocket which get sorted as the individual prays. It was only much, much later that these beads were thought to be strung together for ease of use.

Bones and stones were what comprised the first Catholic rosaries. As time passed, other materials were then used such as glass beads, metal, wood, seeds and precious stones. In poor countries where Christianity was also widespread, rosaries were made of seeds and dried flowers. For devout Catholics in these countries, the religious significance of these rosaries matter more than what they’re made of. Although, it greatly helps their faith when these rosaries come from glass beads excavated from the Holy Land, or if the rosaries contain holy water and other religious relics. Ultimately, the purpose of the rosary is to assist the devout in getting closer with God.

In the beginning, the “Hail Mary” was not really part of the prayer. It was only added to introduce Angel Gabrielle and they chose to do this before the “Our Father”.

Today we find that the Dominican rosary contains 59 beads. They are divided into ten sections which are called "decades". These beads are crafted with a larger bead used to say the 'Our Father' prayer followed by ten smaller beads used to say the 'Hail Mary'.

You can create your own rosaries too, using glass beads and other beaded materials.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Overwhelmed by the fun idea of beading, you acquire all supplies for your project. Once you have everything set to start working, you stopped…

There are times when we are trapped in a certain part of our beading process and ponder on what colors we will choose for our project. Colors of our glass beads may be in many kinds, not to mention in many shades. But then, it must not stop us from creating a beautiful piece in the end.

The good thing about glass beads though is that despite its range of numerous colors and shades, there will never be a wrong color to be used in your project. It is flexible enough and you just have to be more creative in making designs and patterns for your project. If you think that a particular color may not be appropriate, then you can easily change it into the ideal color of your glass beads.

To help you in deciding what color you will use for the project, you must imagine first what will your project or glass beads jewelry look like in the end. It will give you an idea what colors to mix and use in your project. It will also give you a glimpse on the pattern you will use for your jewelry.

Or perhaps, you want to consider your emotions or motive on doing the project. Will it be an I-feel-elegant-today glass beads jewelry or let-us-rock-and-roll glass beads jewelry? In any project, considering your motive is also helpful in finding the right colors for your jewelries. Will you be making your valentine glass beads jewelries? Then try to add some deep red colors in your jewelries. Or probably, a reminder of a great summer getaway in the sunny beach. Try including some bright colors like orange and yellow glass beads

Colors may be countless but these do not exist to make your work complicated rather these are present to provide you more options in your project as well as more selections on how to be more creative in your glass beads jewelries.
Perhaps, most of you are aware that beads come from different parts of the world, but do you know that some of them date back to as early as 300 years ago? Beads that are 100 years old or so are called antique beads. While those that are only 20 years old or so are oftentimes referred to as vintage beads.

Because of the countless number of beads available all around the world, it is but natural for bead manufacturers, makers, explorers and discoverers to categorize them accordingly for easy classification. Beads may therefore be segregated into the following categories: coral, amber, glass beads, metallic, seeds, to name a few.

Below are the five rarest types of antique beads.

Excavated Roman Glass Discs

When the remains of Roman glassware have been discovered from hundreds of years ago, they were cut and made into small discs. These glass beads are lustrous, polychromatic and shimmering in nature. They are usually turned into various accessories that can match classy and elegant outfits.

Tibetian Coral And Turquoise

As its name suggests, this kind of beads originated from Tibet in the Himalayas and are typically aged between 100-200 years. The contrast between the red color of the coral and the blue hue of the turquoise sea makes for a striking and stunning effect on any accessory, be it a necklace, an earring or a bracelet.

Islamic Jasper Cube Beads

These beads are perhaps one of the oldest of all antique beads. They are very rare, dating back to the ancient Islamic regime in 17th century. Wearing this kind of beaded jewelry shows how truly special, rare and exquisite you are.

Mercury Glass Beads

These colorful and antique beads were made by being hand blown. They are also referred to as mercury glass garland beads, which are considered very special because of its natural component, material, design and color. They are hollow inside, made of gold satin, and are very light.

The Filigree Silver And Jet Rosary Beads

Just like the Islamic jasper cube beads, the Filigree Silver and jet Rosary Beads also date back from the 1700s. As such, they are also one of the rarest and most antique of all beads. They are a form of carbon which is very precious to bead collectors. Their irregular shape came from being hand cut by skilled craftsmen.

All these antique beads came from the Far East and other early European nations. They are very much prized and coveted by collectors all around the globe. If you happen to have one, treasure it with all your heart and cherish it for eternity.

Monday, June 14, 2010
I have mentioned before that glass beads have been in existence for a long time now. They first originated from archaeological discoveries and from then on, came to be the excellent glass beads that we have today. This is because glass beads can withstand the test of time, which means it can literally last for thousands of years. They can retain their color, and their quality just improves over time.

These days, they are available in many different sizes, colors, shapes and types. And speaking of types, glass beads can be classified as Czech beads, dichoric beads, furnace beads, fire polished beads, lamp work beads, and many others. Because they have excellent finish, glass beads can be available in a wide variety of designs. Their luster, gloss and shine make them very attractive, and help make the wearer look more stunning especially when paired with the right dress or attire.

Glass beads can be made into just about any kind of accessory --- bracelets, necklaces, earrings, dangling earrings, armlets, anklets, rings, as an additional ornament to bags, shoes, shawls, and even as decorative pieces for the home. When they are mixed with other materials like wooden beads, or pearls, copper wiring, and gemstones for instance, one can make a very fashionable and unique statement when it comes to fashion accessories.

Glass beads are indeed blessings to all jewelry, ornament and artecraft enthusiasts. They provide high quality and durable materials to any craft and serve as a source of joy to people who love creating beautiful handmade jewelry. Moreover, thanks to the emergence of the internet, you can now choose to shop for your glass beads online. So start your adventure now and learn to discover your true beauty through the many wonderful creations you can make with your glass beads! Enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010
Friends are there through good times and bad times. They lend their shoulder to cry on when times get rough and feet to jump with when happiest moments come our way. They wanted the best for us and likewise they also deserve the best from us.

Reward your friends from all the great things they have done for you by surprising them with a lovely handmade glass beaded friendship bracelet. Knowing that you personally made these things is sure worth their sweetest smile and appreciation. Here are what you need to do to create a pretty glass beaded friendship charm.

First, all you need to do is know the design of your friendship bracelet. Identify next the materials that you need for the friendship bracelet. You might need some strings, the correct ones, some glass beads and other accessories as well as your beading supplies.

Buy all these stuff and start making your friendship bracelet. You can start by making a knot on top and fasten the thread. Then put on some glass beads. You can make a pattern that has meaning or emotion towards how your friendship is meant for you. You can either place your mutual favorites and some colors that you both like.

This is great because it is not just your ordinary bracelet that you can buy at the store. It serves a great worth for your friends for many reasons. First, you gave it. Second, you made it yourself. And the best of all, you create something memorable and meaning for them.

Appreciate the friendship that you have with your friends and make it last forever with your precious handmade glass beaded friendship bracelet.

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Bead decorations have go beyond body adornments. Nowadays, many people take advantage of the versatility of beads, particularly glass beads. This is for the reason that they can see great potential use of glass beads in other items aside from making it into a form of jewelry.
One of the many creative ideas of using glass beads is by adding it to your purses. Girls and women love clutch bags and purses. Simply because they are so cute to look at, small enough to hold in hand or over the shoulders and big enough to carry the essentials. Moreover, there are many chic designs of clutch bags and purses that come in beautiful mix of colors and plain ones.

But, to further explore your creativity and make your purses unique from all the homogenized bags, you can add up some frills such as glass beads. You can either cover your whole purse with different colors of glass beads or you can create strings of glass beads and attached these in your personal purse.

Glass beads are utilized by many in their adornments because of the shiny effect it makes. Anywhere you put it into, glass beads will definitely glitter and shine.

If you want to cover your purse with glass beads, you can come up with your own patterns or copy designs from bead making books or even online. There are also patterns that do not cover the whole bag. You can simply add some flower designs made of glass beads or even form your name on your purse using glass beads.

If in case you opt for the string ones, you can string up glass beads patterned into different colors, sizes and shapes and attached it on the side of your purse or even alternately in front. You can even add some glass beads in your bag handle.

So, make your purse a funky and unique one with glass beads. You will certainly not find another similar to your modish purse.
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Christmas is one of the most awaited occasions in the year. Each year, people are doing some Christmas shopping and decorations weeks before the said celebration. The Spirit of the season never fades and one exciting moment in Christmas celebration is decorating the Christmas tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree is more than just putting some ornaments around the tree. It combines all family members and joins them in this creative venture. To make your decorating more creative and fun, try to come up with ideas on how to make all members work such as Do-It-Yourself projects.

You can ask your children to do some crafts using materials such as beads and other creative items. You may not only tickle their artistic minds but you can also save more cost from buying these frills.
Glass beads are only some of the many artistic materials you can use. You can add some glass beads around the plain Christmas balls to make them look shiny and stylish. In addition, you can also create your own ornaments by coming up with patterns like stars, circles, and even a reindeer and place some glass beads around these patterns to have a Christmas ornaments of different Christmas designs.

To finish off your Christmas tree decorations, string up some large glass beads in different designs and round it up around your tree. This will make your tree the shiniest Christmas tree in the block. You no longer need to add more Christmas lights since the lights they release can be reflected in the glass beads string and it will shine just like having more lights in your tree. It can save cost on added electricity.

Be imaginative and resourceful during the Yuletide season to feel closer with the family as well as proud of your masterpiece.
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Glass beads are only some of the very fine materials in making a precious jewelry. It has wide selections of different kinds as well as colors and designs to experiment on. One of the many beautiful types of glass beads is the faceted glass beads. These are kinds of glass beads that are cut in a unique method to attain the desired cut and style of the beads.

Faceted glass beads are known to be long lasting. They can last you longer years without chipping off or fading. Even if you often use these glass beaded jewelries, you can assure that it will look good as new even after a few years. Hence, this type of jewelry is great for handing down to your daughter, to a niece or even as a gift to a friend.

Because of its expert cut, faceted glass beads are renowned as a very charming bead. Many famous personalities used these glass beads considering the worth and the appeal it does to your body. Whether you use these as trendy necklaces wrapped around your neck or chic bracelets in your wrist, you will definitely get a second look on how class you look with those faceted glass bead jewelries.

Selecting high quality materials makes superior jewelries. Thus in choosing your own materials, choose what will make your jewel pieces elegant and worthy of praise. With faceted glass beads stringing in your wrist, you can never go wrong.
Glass beads jewelry come in many forms and originated in many places, of various different times. The Roman glass beads in particular came from the Roman ancient glass which was discovered in archaeological excavation sites in the Mediterranean, particularly in Israel. The most popular type that was excavated was the sterling silver Roman glass jewelry. Anybody who can wear this today is practically donning a very unique jewelry artifact of 2,000-year-old history.

The glass in this ancient jewelry started its existence as a vase or some kind of vessel. Having been unearthed from in Israel, from the ancient Roman archaeological sites, each glass piece has been textured and colored by hundreds of years of climate change and outdoor elements. Each glass bears with it the past life it has led as well as the soil where it rested that helped it transform into a stunning glass beads jewelry piece, framed by a sterling silver bezel. And because it has been buried for such a long, long time, it has acquired a beautiful aqua shades.

In the past, during the Roman empire, glass was just used for vessels and was only used by the rich because only them can afford such a piece. During that time, the processes used in forming glass include core forming, cutting, grinding, and casting. It was only when glass blowing was invented that glass started to become available to the public in vast amounts and numbers, in various shapes and sizes.

Because glass beads jewelry was very popular during the ancient Roman times, it is a blessing that people of today get to have the privilege to use these stunning historical pieces to enhance our glass beads jewelry and other ornaments and accessories. And even if not all of us can use those ancient pieces, glass beads jewelry will always be here to stay as they serve to beautify any ornament or person wearing them.