Glass Beads for Fashion Jewelry
Saturday, August 14, 2010

When dressing casually, fashion jewelry is always preferred than real jewelry. This consists of accessories like necklace made of glass beads or bracelets and earrings made of semi-precious stones rather than gold or silver. More affordable jewelry like glass jewelry is being worn by more and more women these days because they get to achieve the same great look but for much, much less.

Anybody can buy glass jewelry and glass beads accessories in all sorts places nowadays. You can adorn clothes with these kinds of jewelry that are also featured in a lot department stores. Even simple clothes can look more elegant and attractive with the right kind of accessories like a nice piece of necklace and a sparkly ring. With a wide variety of glass jewelry to choose from, you will surely get something that can match your outfit anytime, anywhere. Both women and young girls these days not just looking to wear any type of jewelry with their getups, but they tend to like the big and sparkly fashion jewelry, mostly made of glass beads, crystals and semi-precious stones.

One of the most in demand glass jewelry of the century are those made from furnace glass beads and fire polished glass beads. They come in various exquisite colors, sizes and shapes.
Furnace Glass beads are also known as Art Glass beads because they are hand-made by glass artists. They are also sometimes called Cane Glass since the patterns it has are similar to those of candy canes. While the fire polished glass beads are imported from Czech Republic, thus, its other name, Czech glass beads. They usually come in size 6x9mm and come in an array of fantastic colors.

Because these beads are very adorable, you can actually buy them in bulk and create your own fashion jewelry. This way, you not only get to wear the style that is uniquely yours, but you can also share your creations to your friends and loved ones. Or if you like, you can open up a small business selling fashion jewelry made of these glass beads.
Treat yourself and have fun with these colorful glass beads!


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Incredible.It seems to be brilliant idea of making jewelry using glass beads. I never made any jewelry using it. I would love to use it in making of jewelry..Thanks a ton :)
fancy yellow

Stacie Laurell said...

I love the green and blue mix beads. it's gorgeous.

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