The Secret to Making Your Gown Look Expensive and Elegant
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Designer Monique Lhuillier shot to stardom in the fashion industry when Britney Spears commissioned her to create her wedding dress. Since then, her gowns have been on the most coveted must haves of A-list celebrities as she is touted to be the next Vera Wang of our generation. What is so special about Monique Lhuillier’s gowns anyway? Why do celebrities keep wanting to wear her dresses?

One of this Filipino Designer’s top secrets is the use of crystals, glass beads, semi-precious stones and bead jewelry when it comes to designing and making her gowns. This delighted Britney Spears when her wedding gown was crafted with such precious materials. Soon enough, this was followed by other stints with other Hollywood celebrities and Monique Lhuillier’s name shone brighter than ever as a fashion designer. It’s really not that surprising since Monique’s family has been in the business of jewelry for a very long time.

Indeed, when materials such as glass beads and precious stones are used, be it in jewelry, in gowns, or in any other object, that object will exude a certain elegance and class that is hard to miss.

Going back to Monique’s gowns, because they are priced at such high costs, ranging from $2000 - $10,000, average people naturally couldn’t afford them. What you can do is have your gowns and dresses embellished with glass beads and precious stones by a regular dressmaker if you want them to exude the same elegance and beauty. Perhaps, you can do it yourself to save more while expressing your artistic ability on the matter of designing dresses.

The best beads to use for gowns would be glass beads, Swarovsky crystals and pearls. If you want your dress to look more expensive, you can use rhinestones and other semi-precious stones if you wish.

For less expensive materials that can exude the same exquisite taste, you may try embroidery, the use of ruffles and laces and combining minimalist themes with avant-garde couture.


Mike said...

Lovely, The first gown is looking more elegant and expensive. I really liked it. You have very creative mind. Great . Thanks a ton :))

Emma said...

Wow. I am so excited to know all these great points that will help me out to make a sober gown to look more expensive and elegant. All the gowns looks amazing and your are highly creative.
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