Simple Technique in Making Beach Glass Jewelry
Monday, August 9, 2010

Nature has a way of recycling non-biodegradable things. Take glass for instance. Glass bottles that are thrown into the sea, both by accident or on purpose, are eroded and smoothed over time due to the friction caused by crashing waves and sand. They turn into interesting shapes, colors and sizes which are then picked up by beach goers and are usually kept as mementos or as glass beads for jewelry making.

For those of you who love to collect glass beads or would like to start a collection now, here are some ideas and on what you do with the pieces. Remember, not all pieces of glass beads you see along the shore are suitable for making glass jewelry. You have to choose based on size, color and shape to ensure that your glass jewelry is not haphazardly done.

If you happen to pick up glass beads that are of very similar shape and size, you use these pieces in making a pair of beautiful earrings. It’s pretty rare to get glass beads along the shore that look similar. Usually, one needs to buy the commercialized version of these beads to make sure that the earrings he or she makes are perfect.

Aside from earrings, you can turn these pieces of eroded glass into bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and anklets. Let your imagination run wild and don’t be scared to experiment.

Because beach glass is considered natural, they don’t come with holes in them where strings usually pass through for jewelry making. What you can do is to be a little bit more creative with the use of your wire. Using any kind of wire you want, wrap it around the beach glass in many different ways to come up with many different designs.

But basically, what you do is circle the wire to your beach glass several times to secure the loop. Place this loop wherever the top of the pendant should be. Use a hot glue to further secure the ends of the wire to keep your glass bead snug and won’t prick you when wearing the necklace.

From here, there are many other possibilities you can do for your beach glass beads. For bracelets, you can wire the glass beads in a similar fashion but put a loop on both ends so you can slide the glass beads into a chain. A simple lobster chain can then secure the whole bracelet. You can now make an array of beautiful glass jewelry using this simple wiring technique.


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