A Beaded Lanyard For Your Neck
Friday, July 16, 2010
Wearing an ID to school or to work is not really the type of fashion accessory you want for yourself. The clip on IDs on your blouse can really lessen the overall fashion style you put on that morning. That is because IDs are made of inexpensive laminated paper that has your picture and school details. You will be lucky if you have IDs at school that are made of sturdy glass covers to compensate on the paper they use for the IDs.

To accentuate the look of your IDs, have a beaded lanyard instead of a clip on. That way, the beautiful colors of your beaded lanyard will easily blend to your outfit making your IDs not a distraction but an addition.

You may choose to buy beaded lanyard in many accessory shops and even craft stores. You can also create your own. Although it requires creative works from you, making your own lanyard are more affordable and can offer you wider designs than the limited styles of an on-display beaded lanyard.

If you plan to make your own, just grab your bead making supplies, a few beads of your choice and a nice place to work. What you need to do first is to plan on your design. How would you like your beaded lanyard to look like? What beads to use? A great idea is to use glass beads for your lanyard. These come in different types, colors and sizes to choose from. Glass beads can also create that shimmer you always want for your accessories.

If you stick on glass beads, you can choose from many types. There are fire polished glass beads, Opaque glass beads, furnace glass beads and cat eyes glass beads. After choosing your design and materials, measure the length of your lanyard. You can also tell the quantity of materials you need when you have your lanyard measurement.

You can now buy your beaded lanyard materials so that you can start on your beaded lanyard. Remember, create a glass bead pattern that will look good on your every outfit to school. Your beaded lanyard needs to match your school outfit to have a more stylish look. If one cannot fit all your outfit, create more different beaded lanyards for yourself.


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