Glass Beads Perfect for Bead Jewelry
Thursday, July 8, 2010
If this is the first time you’re delving into the art of making bead jewelry, how exciting it must be then for you! I remember the first time I learned to make my own creations and it felt so wonderful. After all these years, I still find beading very relaxing and fulfilling. I’m sure you will too.

The usual concern most beaders have when it comes to making bead jewelry is what kind of beads to use. While there are a variety of beads to choose from, it is important to know what your goals is. What is it that you plan to achieve with the bead jewelry you’re making? Would you want to create an elegant necklace to match a cocktail dress? Are you into casual bracelets good for everyday wear? Would you like to make some pairs of earrings that will highlight your face? Knowing what your end goal is will help you choose which beads to buy for your project.

In terms of getting the best of both worlds, glass beads are usually favored by beaders when making both formal and casual designs. Because of the way they spark, glass beads are beautiful enough to pass as real gemstones and are therefore nice to wear when wearing dresses and other more formal attires. Moreover, glass beads are affordable enough to be worn every day to match any of your casual getups. With the many colors and kinds glass beads have, you can create as many simple and casual designs as you like to match every daily outfit you have.
The following are the kinds of glass beads perfect for both formal and casual wear. Try them and see what kinds of designs you can come up with:

Fiberoptic Cats Eye Beads
This type has fantastic shapes and striking sheen and luster. Depending on how light passes through each of the fiberoptic cats eye beads, a beautiful shimmer is made when the shade changes from dark to light and back. This type of beads is not just perfect for bead jewelry but can also be used for other artsy projects like scrapbooking.

Furnace Glass Beads
This kind of beads is pretty special because it is hand-made by glass artists. It is also called cane glass because its usual patterns are same with candy canes. Furnace glass beads have exciting shapes, colors and sizes. You will definitely have fun using them for your bead jewelry project.

Mixed Glass Beads
For The Love of Beads has a variety of glass beads. From Indian Fancy beads, to Chinese Opaque beads, to the popular Czech Glass beads. They also have light-flickering foil lined beads plus two-tone "AB" beads, matte flower beads as well as painted pieces. They will surely make all your bead jewelry creations look like they’re done by professionals. With the use of mixed glass beads, you can even start a small business and sell your wonderful creations.

With these varieties to choose from, you will continuously be inspired to make as many designs as you can think of. Thanks to the popularity of glass beads, you will never run out of options to use. Enjoy your bead jewelry project and keep on beading!


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