The Modern Look of Glass Beads Curtains
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Glass bead curtains are very popular in the earlier decades. The funky look of each glass bead curtain became a trend when everything else around is full of colors. Yet, these colorful curtains have been overshadowed by elegance and simplicity of modern designs. Hence, rare can you find these glass bead curtain as a great decoration inside every home.

However, glass bead curtains are more than just a funky window cover. It can be made into different decorations inside the house as of course a window cover, a divider and an added decoration. You can simply enhance the beauty of a glass bead curtain to more than just an addition to your windows.

Glass beads are great reflectors of light. When it comes to added lighting, we often think of more light bulbs or power generating electricity plug in. In other words, we should expect an increase in our electric bill. If you want to enhance lighting to your room, try using glass beads instead. That way, you can achieve added lighting, extra decoration and energy saving technique.

By using glass bead curtains, you can create a funky yet elegant design to your room. It does not need to be all crystals or full of colors. You can actually choose the different style of glass bead curtains according to their different color patterns and kind of glass beads used.

No more buying bulk furniture or perhaps try to built in huge room dividers. It may take up space and can be too costly. If you decide on a room divider, try using glass bead curtain instead. You can simply pass through these curtains if you need to and it can add color to your room. Moreover, it does not take up much space in your room.

Glass bead curtains can also become a great ornament to your existing curtains. Have a simple and inexpensive curtain on your windows, add the glass bead curtains and you can have a well-designed curtain in an instant. It cost less too compared to buying the readymade expensive curtains.

Exploring on the many other use of a simple house accessory such as a glass bead curtain can enhance more your overall house design as well as save you more cost in buying expensive decorations.


Vaibhav said...

Nicely presented information in this post. Nowadays, beaded curtains are made from multitudes of bead materials including acrylic, wood, bamboo, painted bamboos, PVC, feathers, natural, eco-friendly materials, shells and beaded lamps. By using glass bead curtains, you can create a funky yet elegant design to your room. It does not need to be all crystals or full of colors. bead curtains

TaliDesign said...

What a refreshing idea.
I think Bead curtains can be featured in all sorts of rooms.

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