Creating Glass Beads
Friday, July 9, 2010
Glass beads are great materials when creating some jewelry. Many necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made with elegant glass beads of many colors. The great thing about glass beads is its versatility to be formed in many shapes and sizes. You can make glass beads with many different colors like blue, green, pink and even a clear glass. You can even form these beads according to your desired shapes and designs like oval, triangles and even intricate shapes like flowers, stars and animal shapes.

The look of every glass bead seems too complicated to do. However, with the appropriate tools and the right knowledge, you will be able to create your own glass beads. In making these elegant beads, you need to have some wires, threads, needles, mandrels, torch, cutters, pliers, vermiculite, kiln wash, some shaping tools and of course different color for your glass beads.

There are many ways to create glass beads considering the many advance technology these days. But, the simplest and most popular technique in creating glass beads is lampworking. This is a very easy process and even you can do it. All you need to do is use a gas-fueled torch to melt glass rods. Then, wrap these hot glasses in a heated mandrel, which forms the base of the bead. Kiln process comes next after the bead is done. To make sure that the beads will not crack, annealing it will do the work.

There is no definite length of time in the lamp work method. It depends on how you do it right and the kind of glass beads you are working on. Once your beads are clean and smooth, they are ready to be made into gorgeous jewelries.

There are many different types of glass beads and each are created in different ways to give them their own distinction and unique beauty. All these offer you wider selection for your glass beads jewelries and can enhance every design you make out of these different glass beads.


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