Add Lightning to Your Room with Glass Beads Strings
Friday, July 2, 2010
Glass is known to be a great reflector of light. Once light touches the surface of a glass bead, it tends to bounce and scatter across the area. That is why things that are made of glass look so bright and crystal like.

If you want added lighting to your room or to a particular area in your house, why using glass beads instead? It not only provides bright and scattered lighting, but also an alternative way to save some cost in electricity.

To achieve this, you may want to create something functional and stylish for more benefits. One good example is a glass chandelier. We all know that chandeliers are elegant addition to our house. It is sometimes the first thing that our guests set their eyes into. The main function of a chandelier is to provide light in an elegant way. It consists mostly of many bulbs for enhanced lighting around the room.

However, more bulbs in use mean more electricity cost piling up. To save energy, why not try to design a chandelier designed mostly with glass beads to allow the light to scatter around. This way, all you need is a single bulb and some glass beads supply to achieve your glass beads chandelier. Actually, there are a few chandeliers sold these days designed with glass beads. Since, you would rather save costs effectively, a DIY project will somehow help you attain your goal.

Another example is glass-beaded curtains. This is common to rooms with a lot of fashion sense. In addition, this is quite popular and mostly seen in a girl’s room. Anyway, a glass-beaded curtain is a string of glass beads arranged and combined in a long line to form a curtain like appearance. This is another good ornament to a room full of wild colors and unique design. Furthermore, it serves as a good curtain design to the window and a stylish divider of particular areas in the room. But, it also has that reflector ability to scatter lights around the room and giving it more lighting.

There are many ideas on how to enhance your lighting but do it in a more affordable way. By trying to learn how to utilize natural reflectors such as glass beads, you can come up with creative and functional ideas on how to reach your purpose.


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