Glass Bead Colors for a More Enjoyable Bead Making
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Glass beads are unique beads that have captured the fervor and loyalty of many bead makers. Their shimmer effect combined with their sleek surface creates an extraordinary beauty beyond compare. Hence, most of the beaded jewelries produced by crafters are made of glass beads or with a mix of these fine beads.

Starting on a new project with glass beads, it is sometimes an uncertainty as to what colors to use for the project. Expert beaders may find these easy due to much experience with glass beads. However, for the newbie in bead making, glass bead colors adds beauty and option for your project and not a pressure for you to choose the perfect color. To work in a breeze with these glass bead colors, you must keep in mind a few tips.

Glass bead color comes in variety of tint such as the pink, blue, red, green and black. Further, these colors have different color intensity. Although this can seem confusing, remember to enjoy your work always.
Try playing with different color patterns and color combination. You can arrange the blue colored glass beads according to its intensity and make it a pattern for your necklace. Alternatively, you can have five different dark colors and create a pattern out of this.In addition, when choosing the appropriate colors for your glass bead supply, visualize first what you want for a design in your project. By imagining the overall look of your finished project, you can clearly see the different colors associating your design. Then, you can simply choose the color of your glass beads.

But, you must also bear in mind that your design is what limits your choice. Although this can be a great pattern in choosing your glass bead colors, it is just simply to lead you to an organized project making. You can always do a few changes in your design when you see another great glass bead color you desire.

The only thing you must always consider when doing your glass bead jewelry of any other beaded jewelry is have fun. Bead making is not a stressful activity nor is it strict and always by the rules. It is fun, spontaneous activity that lets you run your creative minds and create a boundless masterpiece of genuine art. You may feel a little lost or doing it wrong, but you can always go back and do it again, no added pressure.


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