Glass Beads for Glass Jewelry Pieces
Monday, June 21, 2010
Glass beads have always been used when making jewelry pieces for so many centuries. These pieces include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Even today, glass beads are typically used for making jewelry as well as decorative ornaments. They are made of various materials, both contemporary and indigenous, like metal, plastic, terracotta wood, stone, ceramic fiber, ivory, shell, bones, glass, coral, and gemstones. However, the ones mostly used for styling crafts are glass beads because with them, one can make different shapes such as oval, round, cylindrical, heart, square, tube, teardrop, and diamond. They can also be made into different colors like blue, green, yellow, red, pink, brown, violet… practically all colors of the rainbow!

The materials and equipment used in making glass beads vary depending on the design. You would have to use any of these tools in order to create the kind of glass beads that you want:

· Wires

· Threads

· Needles

· Soft glass

· Matches

· Kiln wash

· Vermiculite

· Mandrels

· Torch

· Cutters

· Pliers

· Shaping tools

· Glass beads

For your glass beads, either cats eyes beads, furnace glass beads and mixed glass beads. They are popular, do not cost much and come in various shapes, color and sizes.

You can also use fire polished beads made in Czech Republic. They, too, are popular when it comes to making crafts and accessories because of their durability and beautiful designs. They are made by heating them until they melt which gives them that smooth, bright and shiny look. They give any jewelry a unique and fabulous touch without costing a lot.

Glass beads are always perfect for creating that unique piece of craft whether it is jewelry, an accessory, an additional design for clothing, etc. With the number of variety available in the market, you will not run out of ideas and materials to choose from. Bring out the flair in you by creating your own glass beads.


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