Earrings Made of Glass Beads Supplies help Glam Up Your Look
Thursday, June 17, 2010
When we think of crafting beaded accessories, the first things that come to mind are necklaces and bracelets. But actually, beaded earrings are the easiest to do. Many people can along fine without wearing bracelets and necklaces, but if they go without earrings, they tend to feel naked.

The thing is, when we think of earrings, we think of those expensive ones made of silver, gold and diamonds. But the truth is, you can create your own fancy-looking pair using your own glass beads supplies. You can even combine it with other beaded materials and create a design that is uniquely you!

The truth is, earrings don’t need to be fancy in order to look good and presentable to the public. You can look elegant and posh even without spending tons of money to get that particular chic look. All you have to do is either buy a beautifully crafted beaded earring or make one yourself using your own glass beads supplies.

Did you know that American Indians used to create beaded earrings for their women as well as very intricate and elaborate designs for their beaded jewelry, intended for different purposes? These designs included dream catchers, which are ritual items they place on cradles and other sleeping areas to drive away nightmares and bad dreams. A common gemstone that they use for their earrings are turquoise beads, which gives strength of conviction and character to whoever is wearing them.

Today, we can see this dream catcher design turned to earrings for women and not just as an accessory inside the bedroom. Some of us have also carried on this practice of creating their own earrings from their own glass beads supplies. Beaded earrings, because of the variety of beads available in the market, are easily very colorful, chic and elegant, with a touch of that vintage charm. If you’re seeking for a new look and a new feel for your sense of fashion, creating earrings and other accessories with the use of glass beads supplies is definitely the way to go.


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