See Your Watch Glitters With Glass Beads Bands
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Your watch may be one of the most important accessories you may have now. It is very useful in telling time even when you are out on the streets and can even be a cool frill in your wrist. But, you can boost your watch fa├žade by changing your watchbands with some string glass beads. It will not only make your wrist trendy looking with different colors but also sparkle with glass beads.

Watches often come with simple and classic bands. Some even are limited to plain colors of white, black, green, blue and red. But, these days, a fashionable look is a lot famous compared to plain ones and a wider selection of different colors are usually sought after by many people than ones with limited choices.

In stores lately, one may notice some watch band designs having a mix of more than three colors. Few of these watch bands are made of rubber and others are even made of other materials aside from pure gold, silver and leather. There are already many different designs and materials used in making watch bands.

Like many accessories, a watch can also be flexible in terms of its function. You can transform your watch into a bracelet you can use as a frill in your wrist and with any outfit you wear by making your watchband into a glass beaded watchband.

To have this kind of jewelry, you can either buy a customized watch or create your own watchband. In order to make your own watchband, you need to have some glass beads of different and your desired colors, a watch face, some jewelry wires, other desired materials for your watchband and your bead making supplies. You may have the option to have bigger glass beads or smaller glass beads, as well as the choice whether you will mix them with other kinds of beads or purely made of glass beads.

Before starting on your glass beaded watchbands, think first of a cool design and finalize it. Make sure that you have all the materials to make your work continuous. After you have all the materials and the design, you can start on your beaded watchband. It is similar to making your beaded bracelets or jewelries. Just make some glass bead strings and attach your finished glass beads strings to your watch face. If the strings are now attached to the watch face, make sure to have a clasp to be able to open or close your watchband when wanting to use it.

Creating your own accessories in many different designs and methods is very fun and fulfilling especially if done by yourself. You can simply have it the way you want it to be, save cost from buying a ready made one and be proud of how creative you can be.


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