Glass Beads Beyond Jewelry
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Bead making is great in creating beaded jewelries that can make you look fashionable and cool. However, bead making can go beyond making chic jewelries for sell and strut. You can explore your mind more and look around you for inspiration.
Take your lampshade for example. You may see your lamp with manufactured design, plain colors or some stickers on it. Wouldn’t it be great to style your lampshades with some beads? You can have some fire polished donut glass beads in many pastel colors like fuchsia, rose, yellow and orange and create any pattern you want for your lampshade. Place a little flower in the center surrounded by light green glass beads imitating a garden look.

Or maybe your pen and pencil holder. Cats eye beads can look great in this item. Choose some big ones and surround the whole piece or have small pieces of beads and fill half of your canister. You will then have a funky looking pen and pencil holder.Your bags, purses and wallets can be decorated too with glass beads. Think of a good spot in your bags on where to place your design, gather your chosen beads of different colors and start weaving. You can now have a unique and artistic bag you can brag to school.Go deeper into your imagination and adorn your mirror, picture frames, cabinets, lockers and anything else you can think of with beautiful glass beads. Anything beautiful can be created out of an artistic material and a creative mind. Just be sure never to overdo it.

Always have a cool pattern in every design. It makes designing look organized. Remember, if you look good with some beaded jewelries in your body, what more your stuff?


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