The Value of An Ancient Glass Bead
Monday, June 28, 2010
When we speak of something ancient and old, we often do not give full attention to it (well, except for antique enthusiasts and history aficionado) We sometimes think that what is more valuable are those that provide full function and design in our modern and advanced lives. Hence, whatever is in the past is buried in the past.

However, did you know that the ancient and old things you might ignore have great value to people in the past using them? Let us take for example ancient glass beads. When speaking of ancient glass beads, we just say, those are just regular glass beads. However, in the past, these mere things these days are worth so much that even a life is equivalent to its value.Glassmaking originated in the Palestine area but was developed in Egypt. These people considered glassmaking as a magical invention. They devote their time and effort in creating and enhancing these special things. In early Egypt, slaves are tortured and being suffered to work. These slaves endured work in Egypt like glassmaking and they even shed blood on it.Eventually, different colors and kinds of glass beads were created and used as a good material for furniture and architectures. Later, these ancient glass beads were formed into colorful and valuable jewelries that are used for trading. A single life of an African slave is equivalent to a few shiny glass beads. These were also used by the Americans to entice and gain the trust of the indigenous people they found in their explorations.

Many years have passed and these ancient glass beads scattered all over the world. Hence, the value of such beads increases as these typically belongs to some of the old rich in the world. As the world approaches the modern technology era and many devices and tools were invented to produce imitations and artificial things, beads in many forms become numerous and thus even ordinary people can now own and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful ancient glass bead.

Looking back, we can see how people have valued these ancient glass beads. Many lives were at risk in its origin and production. With just a single ancient glass bead, we can see lives suffering to produce these and lives that were sold to own these. A bead lost these days may only worth a few pennies and can easily be replaced in an instant, but a single ancient glass bead in the past is worth a single life and a symbol of slavery and bloodshed hard work and suffering.


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