The Evolution of Glass Jewelry
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Jewelers who recognize the importance of fine jewelry over the centuries are aware of the artistic contribution being made by rural Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic. Right in the middle of its dense rain forests, the tradition of glass jewelry making has been kept and sustained among its many skilled laborers. It is from the heart of these forests that some of the most coveted and unique jewelry pieces are made by hands and they are called the Czech fire polished beads.

Since the 1500's, glass makers have carried on their trade in what is now known as the Czech Republic. Because of the significant quartz deposits discovered in the Bohemian mountains coupled with the myriad of rural workers available, glass making trade became inevitable. Years passed and with the development of the cities, the glass making industry did not only become an excellent source of employment, but the glass jewelry itself became a desirable commodity for trade among world markets.

With the passing of time came the technological advancements and enhancements. Soon, the Czech glass makers became famous for their craftsmanship as more and more people begin to seek after their products. This in turn motivated the workers to improve on their craft by experimenting with different designs and kinds of glassware. Soon, even Europe prefer them to be the primary producer of glass jewelry and other glass accents and pieces.

Now, with the evolution of glassware and bead making, better and more complex techniques became available. Czech glass beads became more well known all throughout the globe, the most popular of which are the fire polished beads. The use of extreme heat during the manufacturing process is responsible for creating smooth and textured finish which are emblazoned with intricate designs and rich hues. Lead is taken out of the equation to relieve the people of any health risks. High technological advancements made it possible to create glass beads in multitudes of colors, sizes and shapes, which are not only very pretty, but are very durable and timeless in quality as well.

These fire polished beads have colors that do not fade in time. The brilliance stays with the beads which resulted from the unique fire molding process that makes it possible to create a long lasting shimmer. You can compare them yourself with jewelry made from ordinary glass. You will immediately notice the difference because fire polished glass jewelry are more brilliant, colorful and shiny. And they last for a long, long time.


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Glass jewelry are more brilliant, colorful and shiny, which attract more.

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