Glass Beads Jewelry, The Roman Style
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Glass beads jewelry come in many forms and originated in many places, of various different times. The Roman glass beads in particular came from the Roman ancient glass which was discovered in archaeological excavation sites in the Mediterranean, particularly in Israel. The most popular type that was excavated was the sterling silver Roman glass jewelry. Anybody who can wear this today is practically donning a very unique jewelry artifact of 2,000-year-old history.

The glass in this ancient jewelry started its existence as a vase or some kind of vessel. Having been unearthed from in Israel, from the ancient Roman archaeological sites, each glass piece has been textured and colored by hundreds of years of climate change and outdoor elements. Each glass bears with it the past life it has led as well as the soil where it rested that helped it transform into a stunning glass beads jewelry piece, framed by a sterling silver bezel. And because it has been buried for such a long, long time, it has acquired a beautiful aqua shades.

In the past, during the Roman empire, glass was just used for vessels and was only used by the rich because only them can afford such a piece. During that time, the processes used in forming glass include core forming, cutting, grinding, and casting. It was only when glass blowing was invented that glass started to become available to the public in vast amounts and numbers, in various shapes and sizes.

Because glass beads jewelry was very popular during the ancient Roman times, it is a blessing that people of today get to have the privilege to use these stunning historical pieces to enhance our glass beads jewelry and other ornaments and accessories. And even if not all of us can use those ancient pieces, glass beads jewelry will always be here to stay as they serve to beautify any ornament or person wearing them.


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