Glass Beads – How to Photograph Them Right
Friday, June 4, 2010
You are probably at that point where you have started creating your own glass beads jewelry collection and now you are thinking about selling some to your friends via online. One way you can do this is to be able to show them your creation even if you are just at the comforts of your own home and without having to go from house to house just to sell your beautiful collection. By putting them up online, you can reach more people who would be interested in getting your glass beads jewelry.

So how do you show them your stuff? Yes, you guessed it right. By showing photos of your creation!

Most often than not, photos fail to excite the viewer’s senses or ignite an emotional reaction from them. Therefore, in creating your photo, you have to use different kinds of things to make your glass beads shine. This way, the people who see the photos of your creation will be impressed with what you’ve made and will evoke a feeling of wanting from them.

Here are simple some tips you can use when taking pictures of your glass beads accessories and jewelry. Because glass beads tend to be so small, special skills are needed to make them seem like real in photos.

Lighting possesses the greatest secret in taking photographs. They can help create a dramatic effect which can be achieved by the angle of the direct light towards the glass beads to help showcase the essential parts. Beads that reflect 100% of light are gemstones, diamonds and polished gold. As for glass beads, if you want to achieve a 3D effect, even if light mostly passes through them you would need a place where there is enough light, a pastel colored background and a nifty digital camera of DSLR. Use a tripod to make sure that your camera is well focused and not moving. If you have a good eye for light and detail, you even just use your phone camera as long as you can keep your hand steady.

Always remember that the basic points to good photography when it comes to glass beads are lighting, exposure and focus.

Now try it and see what your glass beads photography will look like!


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