Bring Back Those Ancient Glass Beads and Gemstones
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Perhaps, most of you are aware that beads come from different parts of the world, but do you know that some of them date back to as early as 300 years ago? Beads that are 100 years old or so are called antique beads. While those that are only 20 years old or so are oftentimes referred to as vintage beads.

Because of the countless number of beads available all around the world, it is but natural for bead manufacturers, makers, explorers and discoverers to categorize them accordingly for easy classification. Beads may therefore be segregated into the following categories: coral, amber, glass beads, metallic, seeds, to name a few.

Below are the five rarest types of antique beads.

Excavated Roman Glass Discs

When the remains of Roman glassware have been discovered from hundreds of years ago, they were cut and made into small discs. These glass beads are lustrous, polychromatic and shimmering in nature. They are usually turned into various accessories that can match classy and elegant outfits.

Tibetian Coral And Turquoise

As its name suggests, this kind of beads originated from Tibet in the Himalayas and are typically aged between 100-200 years. The contrast between the red color of the coral and the blue hue of the turquoise sea makes for a striking and stunning effect on any accessory, be it a necklace, an earring or a bracelet.

Islamic Jasper Cube Beads

These beads are perhaps one of the oldest of all antique beads. They are very rare, dating back to the ancient Islamic regime in 17th century. Wearing this kind of beaded jewelry shows how truly special, rare and exquisite you are.

Mercury Glass Beads

These colorful and antique beads were made by being hand blown. They are also referred to as mercury glass garland beads, which are considered very special because of its natural component, material, design and color. They are hollow inside, made of gold satin, and are very light.

The Filigree Silver And Jet Rosary Beads

Just like the Islamic jasper cube beads, the Filigree Silver and jet Rosary Beads also date back from the 1700s. As such, they are also one of the rarest and most antique of all beads. They are a form of carbon which is very precious to bead collectors. Their irregular shape came from being hand cut by skilled craftsmen.

All these antique beads came from the Far East and other early European nations. They are very much prized and coveted by collectors all around the globe. If you happen to have one, treasure it with all your heart and cherish it for eternity.


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