Choosing the Right Color for Your Glass Beads
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Overwhelmed by the fun idea of beading, you acquire all supplies for your project. Once you have everything set to start working, you stopped…

There are times when we are trapped in a certain part of our beading process and ponder on what colors we will choose for our project. Colors of our glass beads may be in many kinds, not to mention in many shades. But then, it must not stop us from creating a beautiful piece in the end.

The good thing about glass beads though is that despite its range of numerous colors and shades, there will never be a wrong color to be used in your project. It is flexible enough and you just have to be more creative in making designs and patterns for your project. If you think that a particular color may not be appropriate, then you can easily change it into the ideal color of your glass beads.

To help you in deciding what color you will use for the project, you must imagine first what will your project or glass beads jewelry look like in the end. It will give you an idea what colors to mix and use in your project. It will also give you a glimpse on the pattern you will use for your jewelry.

Or perhaps, you want to consider your emotions or motive on doing the project. Will it be an I-feel-elegant-today glass beads jewelry or let-us-rock-and-roll glass beads jewelry? In any project, considering your motive is also helpful in finding the right colors for your jewelries. Will you be making your valentine glass beads jewelries? Then try to add some deep red colors in your jewelries. Or probably, a reminder of a great summer getaway in the sunny beach. Try including some bright colors like orange and yellow glass beads

Colors may be countless but these do not exist to make your work complicated rather these are present to provide you more options in your project as well as more selections on how to be more creative in your glass beads jewelries.


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