Glass Beads on Your Purses
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Bead decorations have go beyond body adornments. Nowadays, many people take advantage of the versatility of beads, particularly glass beads. This is for the reason that they can see great potential use of glass beads in other items aside from making it into a form of jewelry.
One of the many creative ideas of using glass beads is by adding it to your purses. Girls and women love clutch bags and purses. Simply because they are so cute to look at, small enough to hold in hand or over the shoulders and big enough to carry the essentials. Moreover, there are many chic designs of clutch bags and purses that come in beautiful mix of colors and plain ones.

But, to further explore your creativity and make your purses unique from all the homogenized bags, you can add up some frills such as glass beads. You can either cover your whole purse with different colors of glass beads or you can create strings of glass beads and attached these in your personal purse.

Glass beads are utilized by many in their adornments because of the shiny effect it makes. Anywhere you put it into, glass beads will definitely glitter and shine.

If you want to cover your purse with glass beads, you can come up with your own patterns or copy designs from bead making books or even online. There are also patterns that do not cover the whole bag. You can simply add some flower designs made of glass beads or even form your name on your purse using glass beads.

If in case you opt for the string ones, you can string up glass beads patterned into different colors, sizes and shapes and attached it on the side of your purse or even alternately in front. You can even add some glass beads in your bag handle.

So, make your purse a funky and unique one with glass beads. You will certainly not find another similar to your modish purse.


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